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How to plan the future of children's education as a project
I have two children, a 4-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy. I've been very anxious recently. They want to plan their education. I guarantee that they can enjoy the best education I can.
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There are a lot of theories about educating children but at those young ages, I would focus on fun as a critical aspect of developing a love for learning.

Your kids are the customer. What they value will change rapidly over time just like a client. Use an agile approach and deliver value early instead of planning out the distant future to maximize your return on investment.

My career ambitions were very different at 4, 6, and certainly by the time I was selecting a university major so any plan would not have lasted very long. Astronaut was on the list along with archeologist and architect just to start with the "A"s.

Put together a list of things you both think will be fun to learn about. Explore the most exciting subjects for a short time and decide what they want to learn about next. More of the same subject? Another subject entirely? Let interest be the guide.

Plan enough to use your time wisely, but most of all enjoy the journey! :-)
In the framework of project management is a matter of business analysis role. As a father, and talking about the education in my country Argentina which is not the same schema than in other countries (for example we have pay and free of charge education including it university), I think the only education I can plan for them is short term and middle term education. In that point I like a generalist education instead of something specific.
This is not a PM-related question!
Taoge -

I wouldn't treat this as a project in the usual sense. While there are certain outcomes you'd hope to achieve and it would be useful to track progress towards those on a semi-regular basis, it is much too flexible a journey to apply much control to.


‚best education‘ is not a project goal, as it can only be judged in hindsight.

I sincerely hope your kids do not want to plan their education. Most 20 year olds struggle with this. And human brains are not fully developed until about 25.

Education targets are many from theory, some argue that education should strengthen your features. You have to know what they are before you can strengthen them.

All parents struggle with that question, but kids should not.

Planning for education is more like preparing a range of strategies to be able to ride many waves of life.

Which means preparing for resilience and wisdom.

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