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Is Agile an approach or a methodology
Is Agile an approach or a methodology or a framework ?
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Mallwy -

Depends what you mean by "Agile" :-)

It is certainly not just a methodology or a framework. and the term "approach" is too general a word to cover it, and "mindset" has been overused.

I'd rather think of it as an attribute or characteristic of how value gets delivered to stakeholders.

It depends what you mean by "agile". It is fundamentally a set of guiding principles.

Those principles can be applied many different ways that have different brand names such as Extreme Programming, Scrum or Disciplined Agile. How they are applied might be formally documented as a methodology, or a framework.

Ology means a study of methods so an agile methodology would be a study of methods employed in applying agile principles.

A framework is a basic structure used as a starting point to develop a complete product. An agile framework would be a high level set of processes and tools customized to create your own plan based on your needs.
Agile is a marketing hype.
1 reply by Rami Kaibni
Sep 14, 2022 5:09 PM
Rami Kaibni
This is an interesting one Thomas :-)
Agility in general is more of a blend of both a mindset and an approach. You need to Be Agile in order to Do Agile.
1 reply by Anton Oosthuizen
Sep 20, 2022 3:14 AM
Anton Oosthuizen
Correction - You need to be agile to do Agile
Sep 14, 2022 4:57 PM
Replying to Thomas Walenta
Agile is a marketing hype.
This is an interesting one Thomas :-)
Agile was born in 1990 inside the USA DoD/NSF Agility Forum at Leihigh University trying to find an alternative to Lean. It was born in manufacturing. It is not a method by definition. Then same in the implementation of Agile in software. To do things you can take a look to the architecture which is like a pyramid: the approach in the base, on top of that the process model, on top of that the life cycle which supports the process model, on top of that the method which supports the life cycle, on top of that the tool/tools which supports the method. You can mix all of them to define "the way" to create the solution, where solution is equal to "the thing" to be created plus "the way" to create it.
Agile is more a mindset or a philosophy. It is not a methodology, since it does not give you a step by step on how to deliver agile projects. Instead, you may adhere to the values and principles and use those in your projects. Several agile frameworks have emerged (Scrum, XP, SAFE…) which give approaches and methodologies for applying the Agile philosophy. Which frameworks you want to use is up to you as a PM, taking into account your organization’s culture, size, structure…
It could be all or nothing based on your interpretation of "Agile".
Agile is usually understood to be based on the principles of iteration, incrementing and improvement.
1 reply by Stéphane Parent
Sep 15, 2022 1:57 PM
Stéphane Parent
I must admit I have seen a few roosters and chicken that were very agile!
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