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No experience
I’m an aspiring project manager with no experience. I want to get a certification but not sure where to start
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You need experience in *something* to lead projects. The general rule of thumb is first become a specialist, then become a generalist.

A typical path is to work in some business or technical domain until you gain enough experience to lead some activities yourself. From there you might either assist a PM on more involved projects which involve your specialty along with others.

That experience may help you move into an entry level dedicated PM job role, and/or provide enough experience to qualify to take the cert exam.
CAPM is a good start for you Jaszlyn and meanwhile look for a project coordinator role for experience.
Take a foundational course in project management (non-certification), gain some experience either in your current role or by volunteering, and look to enter the PM job family through either a project analyst/coordinator role or a junior PM role.

Keith and Kiron made valid points.

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