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I would like input on change management certification as compared to OT micro credentials.
I work with companies in IT. Adopting new software is both change and org transformation. Both can be an issue for the company. If I have to choose one to start with, which does anyone suggest? Why?
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When you are applying to a job, which is more commonly looked for by prospective employers?

Micro credentials provide a structured approach to learning, but I haven't seen employers looking for them on job descriptions. If your job involves organizational change, I have seen employers looking for OCM certifications. However, they are usually more expensive and focus on a specific approach, as compared to micro credentials that are cheaper and maybe broader but not as deep.

I hope my answer makes sense. It really comes down to your goals. I have a lot of alphabet soup after my name, but most of it never appears on a resume.
I highly recommend to start with change management then go higher to Organizational Transformation because lots of organizational transformation efforts require change management skills.
I think you better research the job market.
What would be your main responsibility in such a project? The change execution part, or the organisational part?

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