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Supply chain management
How to create the most effective supply chain for construction projects? Looking for a practical approach to one of the most critical aspects of EPC.
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Is this a PM-related question?
One step I would recommend is mapping your value stream. By documenting the current state, you have a better perspective of the elements involved, the interactions between them, and the upstream and downstream processes tying them together.

I would not suggest trying to change everything at once. Use tools such as Theory of Constraints to identify your major obstacles. Then you can propose changes to remove those obstacles, analyze the potential impacts on paper first using the VSMs and test the changes on small controllable scales first to see if they work. Then when you find improvements, you can document them in a way that demonstrates how the improvement affects the bigger picture instead of just an individual process step.
Following @Ketith comments, I have used supplain chain for custruction projects in the practice and implemented it as a consultant. And Value Stream Mapping was the key based on Lean principles. It is not easy because it will depends, at least in my experience, on the culture or way of working of people in the country where you are implemented it or running construction projects, mainly with Unions.

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