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HI all. I am working as a Senior Engineer in Mechanical Design. I have 6+ years of Experience in this field.

I would like to upskill myself and move to next step in my career. I want to switch to Project management.

What is the best way for me? Should i start with CAPM or PMP ? I dont have any experience in Project management.
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Prem -

Don't pursue any certification right now. Start with a foundational course in project management which has some hands-on exercises to get you used to common PM practices & tools. Gain some experience. THEN pursue a credential.


agree with Kiron that experience is key to progress in a PM career.
You say like many others 'I dont have any experience in Project management' but when looking into what you did in 6+ years work, there are probably pieces that qualify as projects.

A good start is to look at PMI's exam content outline (ECO) for PMP, free for download from ECO lists tasks that project managers do, if you find there some that you did, start thinking about judging your experience differently.

If you can, do a PMP.

I agree with Kiron for sure - In all cases, without experience you are not eligible to apply for PMP so your only option is CAPM but I highly recommend getting some experience first in the field.

I agree with Thomas. Maybe many activities you performed in your six years of experience as a Mechanical Design Engineer are considered Project Management Activities. You should review that, heading to apply for a PMP.
Good Day Prem,

I agree with Kiron. you should take a course in Project Management. You could very well have the experience required for a PMP within your 6+ years as a mechanical designer, but you do need to take a course in Project Management before you can apply for either the CAPM or the PMP.

also have a look at

The content is wider than CAPM, and it is less costly.

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