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Recommendations for a virtual or online Microsoft Project Course
I am looking for recommendations for an online or virtual Microsoft Project course to enhance my current knowledge.
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Suzanne -

Speaking with total bias ( :-) ), I would recommend our two day virtual MSP course. I've taught it a dozen or so times and it ensures that learners have a solid grasp on how to configure MSP correctly, create a proper schedule and then manage it over a project's lifetime.

If you are interested in learning more about the offering, visit - I'm teaching it in on half-days from October 20-25 and the price listed is in Canadian dollars.

There are companies that provide Microsoft Project training\certification virtually or online. For certifications there are white, orange, blue, and black belts with white being for beginners, black being expert. The company I went through for the training was International Institute for Learning and it was fantastic. I passed the orange belt exam on my first attempt. Hope this helps.
Perhaps because I live in a region of the world where is not easy to spend dollars my recommendation is not pay for a MS Project course. You have lot of great courses for free inside Microsoft itself or inside Youtube.
I took an online course found on Udemy, which was helpful. Also, the instructor sometimes offers it for free during his weekly YouTube broadcast PDU giveaways.
Also check out the offerings through the Microsoft Project User Group.
Thanks, everyone I am going to look into your suggestions and decide on the best learning platform for me. Appreciate your input!

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