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Enable commenting in PMBOK 6th version
Hi, I recently noticed that the PMBOK 6th version, freely downloaded copy, issued as part of my membership has no option for making some comments or highlighting important texts. In general while reading a book, we highlight the important points for quick future reference. It helps us not to miss any important points.
The secured version does not allow me to highlight or comment any text.
how to enable in password protected/secured pdf file?
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All downloadable PMI Guides are locked for copyrights purposes.
As there is no option to annotate the soft copy version, my suggestion would be to do what I did and purchase a hard-copy version and mark that up.

My Fifth and Sixth editions are heavily highlighted and annotated...


all the PMBoK ed6 content is contained in PMStandards+. You can see and print/PDF chapters and then comment on them. A little bit cumbersome.

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