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Do you feel it is fair to other PM providers that the Project Management Institute does not recognize their certifications? Can it lead to kickbacks for recognizing some providers compared to others?
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I am not sure how you came up with this conclusion, can you please elaborate more on where this is coming from?

I am not aware the PMI doesn’t specifically recognise other PM credentials.

PMI has quality standards and PM providers that don't adjust to their guidelines can't be recognized as official providers.
Sarmad -

The Authorized Training Partner program is certainly a good source of revenue for PMI, but can be of value to the provider assuming they do a full cost/benefit analysis on it.

There are a number of PM training partners who have been quite successful without being part of PMI's program.

Independent PM content providers are like independent MS-Office content providers. They can be commercially successful on their activity but, if not under the rules of the institution that is the benchmark which defined originally the same content and is not looking express correctly of the affinity with this benchmark by means of the certification process assuring the minimum information delivered to achieve that specialization and practice to their customers, why those brands/institutions would recognize them in front of the market, damaging the relationship with the organizations (ATPs, for example) which pursued these steps and its own system created to constantly validate these efforts (involving resources of all kinds)? Understanding the role of PMI and the professionals involved I do not believe in drifts related to the ethics about this issue.

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