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Has anyone brought in consultants to do project management training for SMES or resources other than project managers?
I'm looking for some basics with hands-on, in-person training regarding why project management (how success improves by how projects are planned, communicated etc.) Thinking about examples of doing a project in small groups, and then doing it again w/ some planning time and a RASCI.

Has anyone done this before? or have a recommended consultant?
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Laura -

PMI Kickoff is one (free) option which team members or stakeholders could take to elevate their understanding of project management:

In one of the companies I worked with we did have a "Project management for team members" in-house developed session which was a half-day including some basic hands-on exercises such as contributing to the development of a WBS, participating in a risk identification & assessment session and contributing towards the development of a network diagram.

I think you would have better success demonstrating the benefits either through short case studies, or by exploring individual aspects of PM and how they produce better results.

A intro class in PM taught at college level is about 36-40 hours of class time alone, just to cover the basics from concept to delivery. The projects used for demos are simplified enough to be educational, but generally too simple to reflect real life. The retention level of knowledge is pretty low, and drops off with time.

I have led development of training courses with PhDs in education to guide me, and if your objective is Recognize the Benefits, that is a very low rung on the knowledge ladder. It can be met more effectively with short demonstrations using case studies.

Demonstrating with a practice project is how you would teach someone to apply the concepts, which is about midway up the educational ladder (for reference, see Bloom's taxonomy)
Yes, I did.
You can do it yourself. Try to find the basic concepts and explain them to the team.

yes, I was training PMs, team members and sponsors in PM basics (and advanced topics) - as external consultant.

The trainings were generally perceived valuable, but it was better if internal people did the trainings, as they are part of the culture, the community of employees as the trainees are.

Training in PM basics always means to convey how the organization will implement PM, what are the basic principles followed, how are the roles defined, which tools, templates, processes used etc.

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