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Help with assignment please?
Hey guys i need help with an assignment if anyone can offer some advice?

I'm trying to think of what the scope would be, and tasks needed to put into a Gantt chart as well as a work breakdown?

Below is the case study:

A local college has secured funding of £500,000 in order to develop an innovation space for staff. The space consists of three rooms (see below for room measurements and layout). The bid for the funding
was won based on the need to upskill staff on their use of technology, which will in turn improve the teaching and learning experience of the students. While the space should occupy equipment that
showcases available technologies for the college’s department to purchase within their own budgets,
it should also be a welcoming area and used for staff to socialise on breaks, hold meetings, have
training sessions, and complete other work duties.

You have been recruited as an independent contractor to pitch your project plan for approval and secure the work. The client has specified that the rooms have already been renovated, in terms of lighting, paintwork and carpets. The college has it’s own in-house estates team that will organise any additional electrical work for power sockets, ethernet and telephone ports, as well as fitting any of the purchased equipment. The funding should only be used to purchase the required equipment and any other furnishings that will contribute to the space being “welcoming, exciting, innovative and inspiring”.

Thank you guys
You might have better luck and certainly learn more by making your own best first effort answering the question than asking a group of professionals to do your entire homework problem for you. That's not really ethical.

The required scope and work to be completed is written in the description. You need to start describing the completed project in your own words, then break that down into discrete deliverables from the provided description. Then define the work required to complete the deliverables and organize your list. The problem includes some work that is already complete. That gives you scope, tasks and work breakdown.

That's what PMs do.

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