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Any advice? Feeling overwhelmed
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First off, congratulations on your new biggest job. It’s normal to be uncomfortable at first. We all started somewhere and frequently learn by getting dropped into the deep end of the swimming pool. The discomfort you feel now can be a strong motivating factor to quickly figure out how to learn enough to be effective quickly. Remember that a lot of core principles of organizing, planning, and managing are actually transferable from one type of product to another if you look at them from a different perspective.

Second, when you say an integrated campaign that tells me you need to consider your project architecture. You already know you have several pieces to go develop, but you also need to consider up front how they fit together to address the customers’ needs. Architectures apply to many different things and describe not just your product, but how it fits your business needs like cost and schedule, and how it fits into the broader environment such as how it is used.

The third thing is in advertising, you need to figure out how to measure success. You can’t judge audience perception by size, or speed, or many factors you can judge other projects. Instead you will probably need surveys, and to better evaluate them, statistical methods like six sigma are used by advertising firms much like they are in manufacturing.

Good luck.
Craig -

To add to Keith's great advice, a couple of thoughts:

1. Is there a central theme or message for the overall campaign? That can help to anchor all the different deliverables together to ensure consistent messaging and alignment.

2. How do you eat an elephant? One spoon at a time. Regardless of whether an adaptive or predictive approach is suitable, you will want to work with your team and other stakeholders to decompose the work into smaller chunks and identify the key points of dependency between them. Whether you use a WBS or a user story map, it can help to make the unmanageable more manageable.

I don't see any question? Maybe deleted by mistake?

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

You can use one of the tools to facilitate prioritizations, like the ABC model for tasks/requests, or stakeholder analysis.
Maybe you should serve the most important (to you) stakeholders first?

And get a mentor.

Like Rami, I do not see the question!
Maybe the question explanation was deleted, but the topic is about tips to overcome anxiety and overwhelming sensation.
What I would add to my colleagues' advice is to look at the next thing that needs to be achieved. Sometimes breaking down the whole can be difficult, especially if it includes too many unknowns.

Focus on the next deliverable. Then make sure you tackle the piece that has the hiighest amount of risk first. Removing risk is a great way to help our mental health.

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