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On-Demand Webinar Problems
Is there an issue with on-demand webinars? I've watched the entire presentation and it only shows 33% complete in my profile. This has happened more than once.
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I haven't experienced this problem. It's recommendable to watch the webinar until the end and in one go.
Sometimes it is either a system gltich on your end or on PMI's end. It happened to me coupel of times in the past and I had to review the whole thing again.
Pausing too long can cause timeouts. It's happened to me a few times.
i have had the time out issue also. In my case I think it was just a really boring webinar. I let it play, walked away, and when I came back my PC had gone into screensaver mode.
I had the same issue. After a few days, it resolved. It takes time.

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