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More Security Projects
I am curious how PM's are obtaining new skill sets or certs for security projects. Most of my projects recently are security is lately. Does anyone have an idea to complement the security project with PM
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Antonette -

Remember that a PM needs to have domain knowledge but not be a subject matter expert. A foundational course in modern security concepts should suffice so long as you have team members who possess the necessary experience and credentials to deliver the scope of your projects.

I was accountable for all related to security in my actual work place from the point of view or program/project management. So, totally aligened with @Kiron´s comment above. My recommendation is taking your time doing something which is usually forgotten for lot of program/project managers (at least in my personal experience after more than 30 years in the field): elicitation. Each time you are asigned to a new initiative you have to take knowledge about the domain, about stakeholders into the domain, about "pains" the stakeholders have into the domain. about the external/internal environment. Today is "more easy" because lot of the information outside there. To perform all this activities you can take a look to CMU SEI and IEEE standards or you can take a look to PMI´s business analysis related standards where I had the honor and pleasure to participate and you can find there what the group that created them wrote related to the matter.
Like Sergio, I believe we have forgotten to talk to our clients and customers. Their idea of security may be quite different than yours. As for gaining more knowledge and experience, why not reach out to the business analysts? They are the industry experts than can teach you or, at least, guide you in your knowledge acquisition.
As a project manager, you should have knowledge of the matter of the project. On security, you can acquire fundamental knowledge. Security can be of the type electronic security, industrial security, cybersecurity, etc. You can talk with specialist members of your team to have a solid guide about the theme.

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