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PMP and BA Cert PDUs
Hello, I have a PMP Cert but need to also earn a BA cert. Can PDUs count for both? Thank you!
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Derek -

if you get the PMI PBA certification, then yes, depending on the type of PDUs you would be able to "double dip".

In my case, having six PMI certs, I am able to apply the PDUs I earn to all my certs.

My experience is similar to Kiron's. In most cases you will be able to apply same PDUs to different credentials.
Some of the webinar do apply different amount of PDUs to different certifications.
You should be able to do so, as far as I know.
I agree with Stéphane. If you review the webinars page, on the left vertical section, you'll see a filter according to PMI Certifications. If you mark the checkboxes of several certs, and then apply the filter, there will be listed a set of webinars that give PDU for all these certification types.

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