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Where can I find a paid internship in business or project manegmanet?
I am graduating undergrad in December 2023. I am currently looking for a paid internship centered around project management and/or business, and was wondering where I could find one for either spring of 2023 or fall of 2023 to gain experience hours to take the PMP certification exam.
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Most internships are during the summer when most students are out of school. I would suggest trying with very large companies. They often have a pipeline to future employment through internships.

You might find something in business, but unlikely in PM except for supporting other PMs in administrative tasks. It's too short a time to transition into a job, and then do any real PM work before you leave. If you have computer skills, you might help them build tools, link databases, etc.
Check with your PMI Local chapter. They might be aware of some opportunities.
I'd also add that it will be pretty difficult to gain sufficient experience hours to take the PMP exam as you need 4500 hours over a three year period.

Most folks would work in a PM role for a few years before pursuing their PMP certification as it is rare someone could get from an undergrad degree right into a PM role as you'd normally be a team member on a few projects before moving into a PM role.

Have you considered getting PMI's Certified Associate in Project Management certification? Find any kind of work on a project then ask project managers and leads how you can help them.
Kiron and Keith made valid points.
I agree with Rami. Your Local Chapter can offer a variety of internship opportunities.
Have you checked with your school's career services department or your professors? Sometimes they can be aware of opportunities.

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