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What are the points we should keep in mind when we are responsible for setting up the Frame work (process wise) for any mid size organization consider they dont have PMO ?
What are the points we should keep in mind when we are responsible for setting up the Framework (process-wise) for any mid-size organization, considering they don't have PMO?
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Is this a project management concern or general operation management?

Main points - what are we setting up to do and why? Define the problem you are trying to solve.
Assuming you are talking about PM processes, I would suggest reviewing the Disciplined Agile toolkit. It does a good job of laying out an overall framework for identifying various delivery approaches depending on the nature of the projects in the context of your specific business environment.
If they don't have a PMO, they are not as Projectized an organization. I would leverage the existing processes the organization already has than set up a PMO processes. And even if PMO exists, most of them guide with processes and templates than actually being directive. (Just my experience and perspective.)
Abhishek -

Any set of PM standards needs to be tied to a set of delivery & control objectives which your leadership wishes to achieve. Once you have identified those objectives, you would build the minimally sufficient set of standards to support those involving practitioners in their design & implementation and roll the standards out in a phased, iterative approach following good change management practices.

Remember it is always easier to add a practice later than it is to take one away which has already been rolled out.

To set up a PMO is the same than setting up any other business unit (BU) into an organization. Organizations are open and adaptable systems that answer to environmental stimuli to achieve key goals: survive, growth, develop. The way they answer is by their defined functions/process. Those are part of the strategy. So, first of all, is to decide if project/program/portfolio management process deserve to be part of the strategy because they will be used to answer environmental stimuli. When hat is done then is time to decide where those functions/process will be located: in a new BU that you can call "PMO" or splitted through actual BUs. That´s the way to follow.
I would say it depends. Kiron and Sergio made valid points.
Thank you all !!! we will connect on more PM-related topics.
Who is the framework for? How much of the organization will it span? Do the people who are going to be impacted by it want it?

With the last formal PMO I helped set up, the vision was big, but we had to start small and grow into the organization. I documented a framework that received executive approval, but initially, the application of the framework was limited to PMO projects.

With my current employer, I'm the only PM and they've never had one before. Instead of focusing on projects, I'm working with the team on delivery, leveraging DA. I'm still applying a PM wrapper, where needed, and am working toward and evangelizing some lightweight portfolio management practices, but the part that's provided the most value, so far, has been helping the teams formalize their way of working and establishing processes for guided continuous improvement.

Getting back to the first few questions I asked, these tie into larger questions:
- Who is affected and what is their appetite for change?
- What problems do they want solved?
- Will your new framework solve those problems?
- What problems won't it solve?
- Who is going to champion the change?
- What is the grand vision for what you are trying to establish?
- What's the MVP for your vision?

What I've experienced, and what you might experience, is that you can't implement everything at once or it will fall apart. Start with a true MVP - something small that can be delivered relatively quickly, and is functional and able to deliver value. Then identify and phase in MBIs that continue to enhance the value you can deliver.

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