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What is your favorite project management and work collaboration tool?
Hello! Looking for feedback of your favorite cloud software solutions to manage a portfolio of different projects, allow clients access to update tasks and collaborate, document management and task management. We currently use Zoho. Has anyone successfully used the Microsoft suite? Sharepoint is so open that it really requires development to set up. Thanks!
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Planview Portfolios is a good option for Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture Management.
Clickup - ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Features include communication and collaboration tools, task assignments and statuses, alerts and a task toolbar.
I have used home built tools based on MS Office many times. Sometimes, information security requirements prevent using software that has not been approved for internal use.

The obvious downside is that you do have to build and maintain your own tools. The plus side is you can customize it to your needs, rather than changing how you work to fit the tool.

In addition to Sharepoints, we have used OneNote for portfolios where we had very dissimilar projects since it allowed PMs a lot of flexibility organizing their information. ToDo also integrates well with Office products, although with some versions better than others.

My recommendation is that if you build a Frankenstein tool with Office products and/or other tools, keep it simple or you will spend more time working on the tool, than the projects.
My favourite project management tool is personal interaction. You can throw as much technology as you want. At the end, project management is about working with and through people to achieve a result.
Smartsheet is great low-code, user friendly tool that has a lot of modules and functionality that you can customize to your needs. There are also lots of templates and a fantastic and knowledgeable support team if you do have questions.

In my most recent project, i have heavily used the automation functionality to help keep tasks up-to-date as the configuration allows you to request status updates at your defined intervals based on a date field. This process has help create accountability and has increased the visibility, tracking and completion of tasks across the entire business.
My favourite management tool is the human brain. Seems that the more IT tools that are made available to us and the more sophisticated they are the less we feel inclined to think.

Poor management with a perfect IT tool makes for organized poor management.

I love to use the tool that fits the job best and that has a strong learning curve for the team. Often companies set the tool environment and one tool does not satisfy everyone.

PM tools also are not as business critical as ERP systems, basic communication tools or HR systems (payroll!).

So I saw many PM tools in 30 years+, today many use MS Teams, zoom, Google meet, and others. If you are looking into PPM tools, there are hundreds.

A fool with tool is still a tool. Garbage in, garbage out.

I have used Miro, MS Project and Jira and found them useful

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