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Is there a PMO for consulting companies on DEI ( diversity, equity & inclusion)?
Hi, my company provides is a strategic equity consulting firm that provides strategies on how to integrate DEI ( diversity, equity, and inclusion ) in our clients' businesses. Most of our clients are government entities, philanthropies, or private industries. I wonder if there is a PMO that exists for this type of industry that can be a good resource or guidance.
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I have not seen a PMO in charge of DEI issues. It is normally leadership and HR that are implementing DEI strategy, culture and processes in an ongoing manner, sometimes supported by programs.

Given that DEI should be understood and practices across the organization, it is more of a cultural than project management area.
Raisa -

The scope of consulting engagements shouldn't create a major impact on the services your PMO provides, so I'd recommend looking at the PMOs from a few management consulting companies which are roughly your size to benchmark.

a PMO for DEI?
I do not think so.
DEI could be a program or project being implemented/controlled by a PMO.
DEI is the future of the Universe and humanity, so it's not excluded that in the future it'll take a larger part in PMO. For the moment, Leadership and HR are the two main domains to take your preoccupation into account.

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