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How can we properly utilize the chatgpt
Is it will harmful or a tools for a project manager .
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If you search this discussion group, you will see a number of previous discussion threads about the role of A.I. in project management. There was also an article published last week in HBR about this topic:
I just read the article, (written by Antonio Nieto-Rodrigues by the way, nice reference). This is a very nice analysis about the collaboration between AI and a Project Manager role.
There seems to be a future for the PM and for the PM support as named in some methodologies like Prince2.
Maybe PM work will become a little less administrative and a bit more customer and team oriented.
Good discussion going on
Just like you used to utilize Wikepedia,Google, Siri, facebook and other tools !
Its a new territory with familiar road map. There are no ground rules how ever this is all driven by users and AI community usage. So every thing is open yet think of how search engines evolved into day to day usable commodity. Chat GPT seems easy but its hard however as the usage grows it becomes so easy and people will find it 2nd nature in no time.
We the Project Management professional can combinedly make a strategy on it .
A good topic for further study. Let’s see the development of it.
Benefits of Integrating ChatGPT with Project Management Tools:
1. Improved Communication:
ChatGPT can facilitate real-time communication between team members, allowing for faster and more effective collaboration.
2. Enhanced Productivity:
ChatGPT can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, freeing up team members to focus on more important tasks.
3. Better Decision-Making:
ChatGPT can provide valuable insights and suggestions to help team members make informed decisions.
4. Increased Accuracy:
ChatGPT can reduce the risk of human error by automating tasks and providing accurate information.
5. Better Task Management:
ChatGPT can help team members stay on track and ensure that tasks are completed on time.
Its a ground breaking tool and i feel we project managers should take advantage of any progressive innovation as we journey into the 21st century. Tools that will make the scope of project management seamless and more effective will be welcome. For example, the transition of the analogue systems to digital has increased productivity in many spheres.
Chat GPT is certainly a development that can change how PMs (and others) work. Other similar AI tools are in the pipeline. And this kind of AI bots is yet only one way how AI will impact the ways of working. There are many other tools, like AI meeting minutes, estimating, team morale insights etc.

Yet, all of those current AI tools are based on (big) data, and not on human decision making, either rational (deduction, induction) or emotional, based on values, beliefs and biases. AI cannot answer why and how (which is needed to predict a future), it can answer what, and better than we.

Join this group about Chat GPT , founded by former PMI CEO Sunil Prashara:
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