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What are the key metrics and performance indicators that ...
What are the key metrics and performance indicators that a project manager should track to assess the success and progress of an Agile Scrum project?
Possible answers are:
- Velocity;
- Sprint Burndown;
- Cycle Time;
- Lead Time;
- Customer Satisfaction;
- Team Happiness;
- Defect Rate;
- Stakeholder Engagement;

What can be added as key metrics and performance indicators?
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Every project is different and required different Metrics and KPIs so the list can be very long.

In regards to the ones you’ve mentioned, I personally not sure I can consider Velocity and Sprint Burndown Charts as metrics or KPIs.

I agree with Rami. Projects have different characteristics, and you should find the metrics that are important, according to the project's nature, characteristics, area of implementation, organizational culture, etc.
Alexandru -

KPIs need to tie back to a overarching goal and the unintended consequences of measuring them needs to be considered and mitigated.

Velocity is a vanity metric - valuable metrics are ones which represent real progress from the perspective of the customer, team or other stakeholders.

I would consider identifying appropriate metrics tied to the following three dimensions:
- Delivering value early & regularly
- Progressively improving process and product quality
- Stakeholder satisfaction & engagement (team, customer, and others)

Features used/Features developed is one which is not on your list but is worth considering to ensure we are delivering what our stakeholders need.

At my debatemates stated above it depends. More on that: cycle time and lead time are flow oriented metrics which is totally the opposite to use cycle oriented methods/frameworks like Scrum. I mean some people try to use metrics without thinking about the discrepancies. I am not saying that they can be used but if you are not aware on that you could fail. And others like TTM (Time to market) or NPS (Net Promoter Score) are beyond the process itself. So, as usual, define what you need to measure and go for it, mainly based on the objectives or goals you need to achieve.

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