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Topics: Agile, PMO, Scheduling
what tools do you use for monitoring the Projects
Jonathan Justus Project Manager| Thomson Reuters Hyderabad, Telangana, India
I use Jira, KANBAN, Azure devopes
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antonio allan mendoza Allan Mendoza Construction Philippines
Primavera and excel, BAR CHART
Sergio Luis Conte Helping to create solutions for everyone| Worldwide based Organizations Buenos Aires, Argentina
I will say something obvious but the important thing is to use a tool that fits for your monitoring process. With that said, I used from MS Excell to MS Azure DevOps while in the middle I used CA ALM, Jira, Trello, etc. etc.
Arjin P M Arumanai Post, Tn, India
For monitoring the projects , there are many tools available in the market Eg: MS Project, Smartsheet,Trello, TeamGantt etc.
Maurizio Moscati K-SOL SRL Italy
Microsoft Project for planning combined with SCMPP ( as interaction between project manager and resources.

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