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I don't understand what AI is all about
AI is really new to me, How can it improve my work?
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Fokam -

AI tools can help PMs and their teams in many ways and a good place to get an overview is from this free PMI course:

Fokam, it depends what you are trying to improve. AI can enhance Data Analytics, Reporting, Process Efficiency, and many other aspects of work.
I tend to look at AI as a more user friendly interface to access functions that save me time, or perform analysis of things which require better math skills than I possess myself.

To this day, I would say that my typing class at age 15 has been one of the most valuable professional skills I was ever taught in school because I could much more quickly operate a computer to write things down. Then the mouse came along and you could actually point and navigate far more quickly. Then came touch screens and voice commands making it even easier to use a computer. Now I can find out what time the hockey game is on tonight by pressing one button and speaking to an assistant in my language of choice that accesses the internet while I'm driving home from work.

To me that is AI in a nutshell. It is a streamlined interface to ask a computer to access a lot of data and return the information I actually wanted.
My recommendation is taking a look to Generative AI free course in PMI site.
Dear Fokam,

Understanding AI, especially when it's a new concept, can be quite an undertaking. However, given your extensive experience in project and program management within the IT consulting sector, you'll find that AI, or Artificial Intelligence, can be a precious tool in enhancing your work. Let's break this down:

What is Artificial Intelligence?
AI is a branch of computer science that aims to create systems capable of performing tasks that usually require human intelligence. These tasks include learning, problem-solving, understanding natural language, and perception. AI systems are designed to analyze data, learn from it, and then make decisions or predictions based on that data.

How Can AI Improve Your Work?
Efficiency and Automation: AI can automate routine, time-consuming tasks. For example, in project management, AI can handle scheduling, send reminders, or even predict project risks based on historical data, freeing you up to focus on more strategic aspects.

Data Analysis and Decision Making: AI excels in quickly processing and analyzing large amounts of data. This can be invaluable in making informed decisions, identifying trends, and forecasting outcomes. For instance, AI can analyze project performance data to identify areas for improvement or predict project outcomes.

Personalized Recommendations: AI systems can provide personalized recommendations by learning from your past decisions and preferences. This could be regarding resource allocation, budget optimization, or even tailoring communication strategies for different stakeholders.

Enhanced Communication: AI-powered tools can facilitate better communication within teams and with clients. For example, chatbots can provide quick responses to common queries, and language processing tools can assist in understanding and translating different languages, making global communication smoother.

Risk Management: AI can predict potential risks and issues in projects by analyzing patterns and anomalies in data. This predictive capability allows you to address problems before they escalate proactively.

Training and Development: AI can personalize learning and development programs for your team, adapting the training content based on each individual's learning pace and style, which could be invaluable in a consulting environment.

Client Interaction and Satisfaction: AI tools can analyze customer data to provide insights into client needs and preferences, helping you tailor your services more effectively.

In Summary
For a professional in your field, AI offers tools for optimizing the operational aspects of your projects and enhancing client relations, decision-making, and strategic planning. As you begin to explore AI, consider how its various applications could complement your existing expertise and workflows. Remember, integrating AI is not about replacing human intelligence but augmenting it, enhancing your capabilities and those of your team.



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