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What measures does your organisation have in place to measure benefits from their projects, programs and portfolios?

What measures does your organisation have in place to measure benefits from their projects, programs and portfolios?

Delivering the business’s goals and associated business benefits should be the key driver behind portfolios, programmes and projects.

Benefits might be quantifiable cost benefits, regulative requirements or less tangible qualitative benefits, such as custome satisfaction.

Often portfolios, programmes and projects lose sight of what they ultimatly must achieve (key drivers, benefits).
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Neil, I think the answer for a lot of companies is - not much! And I think a lot of that comes from the fact that many projects deliver intangible benefits such as enabling companies to stay in business through delivering modern technology upgrades. Where benefits are tangible I have seen that they are measured for a short time and then drop off as the benefits become BAU savings.

I'm interested to see if anyone has a robust benefits tracking model in use at their company.

Attrition rate :P

We have just introduced benefits realisation and have tackled the intangibles by describing them as a non-financial benefit and at the end of the project saying whether they have been realised.

The problem with financial benefits is trying to identify the actual project driven improvement from other factors such as the market conditions, marketing campaigns etc

Apologies for the delay in responding.

Elizabeth, I agree with your answer. For most companies not much has been done. For many have tried but find it challenging to pin down and track tangible benefits. You are right that in the short term tangible benefits are tracked, but as the BAU world embraces the changes delivered by the programme/projects these seemingly and frustratingly evaporate.

Julie, how has this worked out for your firm.

I'm also intrigued to see if any firm has managed to track benefits post short term and of course what model they used.

Hi Neil,
this is working OK for us. The intangible benefits can be such things as;
-deliver an IT infrastructure for the next generation of apps. (Core system upgrade required to deliver CRM system)
-provide of of customer view through one interface (CRM project)
-improved back up and recover times (an IT infrastructure project)

We have not tried to track any long term financial benefits yet, we do not have the tools available to do this yet.

So what we are tracking is that the reason the project was done have been delivered.

You may identify and plot the benefits in a benefit dependency network to track the individual as well as overall benefits and the dependencies among them. There is a tool that may help to make this process easier -

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