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Why are PMI chapters missing in action in involving all sectors that adopt project management for delivery of projects? The activities of PMI chapters are mostly limited to IT sector, and we hardly s
Kota Rajendra Vara Prasad Chief Operating Officer| KPC Projects Limited Hyderabad, India
whenever we see the activities and engagements of PMI chapters we hardly see engagement, involvement and leadership other than IT sector. Being construction industry is very much adopt project management and we hardly see chapter events tailored to meet the requirement of construction industry and other sectors. PMI Global leadership need to think about it. Infact the involvement of PMI chapters are media based and publicity intended and not making impact in real life project management.
Kiron Bondale
Community Champion
Mentor| World Class Productivity Inc. Welland, Ontario, Canada
Kota -

I wouldn't generalize this as the longer standing PMI chapters did, in fact, have a strong emphasis on construction engineering first before the IT-focused members ranks started to grow. A chapter reflects its membership and if the majority of its membership are either working on construction or technology projects, that will affect its focus.

I would suggest that PMI global headquarters should start by addressing neglected industries and then engage Chapters to be the front-line for this advocacy.

One tactic to do so would be to look at extensions to the Disciplined Agile toolkit specifically for such industries.


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