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Retail Store/warehouse move in project schedule/templates/resources
Mark Wendland Facilities Manager II | Nebraska Furniture Mart Cedar Park, TX, USA
I am looking for any resources/project schedule templates or planning suggestions for my upcoming 1.2 mil sq. ft. project. 

Thank you
Kimberly Whitby
PMI Team Member
Online Community Specialist| PMI Newtown Square, Pa, USA
Hello Mark – and thanks for posting your question to our community. As suggested in your similar post, you can click on the 'Templates' drop-down at the top of our page to search the wide variety of resources we have to offer. Or you can navigate to the magnifying glass at the top right of the page below your profile, click on ‘Advanced Search’, type in Construction below ‘Search for’ and within ‘Categories’ select Checklists, Deliverables and Project Plans. This will generate a list of templates related to construction. You can leave a review/comment at the end of page for others to see if you have any further questions. I hope you find this resource helpful!

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