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The importance of reputation and trust. The Lehman Brothers Collapse
The importance of reputation and trust. The Lehman Brothers Collapse is a globally relevant example of the potential impacts of loss of trust and reputation.

As project managers, it is critical to earn a reputation as a consummate professional. Reputation builds trust. Trust builds confidence. Confidence creates the ideal environment for project and personal success.

How did you earn your reputation? What tips can you share?
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The reputation is a project which should be built and maintained day by day without any pause.
As project it needs a scope, which in this case corresponds to a vision of the our personal future we want, and a plan based on a “long time cycle of life” which helps us to reach our vision
I think the long term perspective is the basic element we have to consider but it is not the only one we need.
In fact we need empathy (if we don’t know our stakeholders and consider their needs and value how we will are able to build trust and confidence?)
And at the same time we need to be honest. “Choose the right” should be the basis of our behavior and not an “occasional application” of a principle which we choose to apply if it is convenient or a low price.
To be honest is not enough, we need to be diplomatic. No lies but trusts communicated in the correct manner
At the same time, when we make a mistake, not only professional but especially behavioral – remember: we are human beings - we must admit it and apologize for it.
Synthetically, I’m convinced which we should apply these rules/principles etc. because I experimented them (with food result off course). Any way I suggest to apply other little rule:
Leading by example.
Honesty, Integrity and Clarity of Thinking are the three essentials to build reputation.
Even antagonists will recognize these qualities.

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