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Warren Buffet & Bill Gates on Profitabilbity & Ethics
“You can succeed magnificently with ethics. It’s not a hindrance… There is no reason to cut corners.”

In this video, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, two of the world’s most respected and recognized business leaders speak on ethics and profitability.

Do you believe a project can still generate profits by following ethical practices? Please share examples.
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Nice video!!
Thanks Alankar. I find it very compelling. If two of the planet's most profit-oriented minds so clearly agree that Ethics isn't optional and is no hindrance on profit-making, then I think we can help others embrace ethics as a means to profit.
In the same sense of this post, I have found this quote, it can be part of the reason why ethics and profit are connected:
"When companies work ethically, they will naturally outpace competition. Why? Simply because customers, as we’ve discovered, will see them as a trusted partner, not only for what they do, but how it is delivered. Commitment from management is a key factor to effectively deal with these situations." Roy Jakobs, CEO, Middle East and Turkey Philips
What a perfect quote to add credibility to this topic. I have no doubt that Mr. Jakobs have much in common with Mr. Buffet and Mr. Gates.

Thank you for sharing this Kelly!
Did anyone see the guy with he open mouth to the left of the guy that asked the 1st question?
Jokes aside, I believe these two guys are stating the obvious, and I would not expect anything else coming from their mouths. Think about it - this is in public, and they are public figures. The real issue is not what you talk. The real issue is what you WALK.
Thanks Jaycee - no doubt about it - Walking the Walking trumps talk any day. Fortunately, these two businessmen both walk and talk in unison.

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