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Is public password sharing grounds for an Ethics Complaint?

I own a PMP training company and it has come to my attention that one of our students has passed their exam and then posted their PMP exam lessons learned with an ethical issue:

The student is a customer of our PMP exam simulator. As part of the lessons learned post on a publicly accessible website, the student included the username and password to the exam simulator account. The student also said that the account was still active and encouraged everyone reading the post to take the login credentials to use the simulator. The license agreement (accepted during purchase) clearly states that sharing is not allowed.

We already wrote to the student pointing out that this is a serious issue and the owner of the website where the LL was posted has removed the complete discussion thread. We also closed the simulator account, so that no further sharing/login is possible. We have not heard back from the student as of now.

My question: Is this behavior of password sharing "serious enough" to warrant an ethics complaint?

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To me it's a clear violation of PMI's ethics code and serious enough for a complaint.
hi Cornelius,

It is really unfortunate to know that such an unethical act has happened to OSPI LLC. Once I was also an authorized user of your PM Prepcast.

Thanks and best regards,

Yes it is misconduct and breach of contract between the person and business orgainzation who made the software.

If we are agreeing to a contract before we install software , we have to abide by it to secure the relationship.


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