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I am not able to view complete webinar videos
I am not able to watch complete video of any presentation under Webinar. It is showing only one min video. What shall i do to watch complete Video.

File attached.

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This is happening to me also when I was attempting to watch past webinar videos. I will monitor this discussion to see potential resolutions.

Thank you for your interest in our webinar program!

There are a few reasons that you could be having trouble viewing webinars in their entirety. Either you are not logged in, not a PMI member/ Premium member or you have not yet connected your account with your account.

Please let us know if you continue to have issues with viewing webinars.

Thank you!
Not able to play videos on this website. When I click on play then nothing is happening.
I am PMI member and using same credentials.
It was working fine till yesterday.

Whereas I am able to play videos on other websites.
Kindly suggest.
I've been having ongoing problems as well playing videos. Some play in entirety with no problems, some play partially and stop, others do not play at all. Considering this aspect, it's all very confusing. Initially I was told by PMI that my IT dept. was blocking but they assured me no, that was not the case. Then I was asked to just use Chrome and update my Adobe flash player which I did and that seemed to help. Still, I have issues playing most of the videos I try to play. Very frustrating really when I'm getting closer and closer to renewal time and can't get credit for videos.
When I play the recorded webinar on my desktop, it gives following message:

"An unanticipated problem was encountered, check back soon and try again
Session ID: 2020-07-09:66ad343b8cb55040b016ecb3 Player Element ID: BCvideoPlayer"
I Keep getting the following timeout error and cannot watch any webinars, can you help?

Could not download the video
Session ID: 2021-06-04:78bc42278987ad8f7de5bed Player Element ID: BCvideoPlayer
Hello, wondering if anyone has any tips to solve this problem. Seeing the same error "MEDIA_ERR_UNKNOWN" on both Mac and Dell.

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