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how to prioritise projects?

How to prioritise projects within your organization that will create major changes. What are the main criteria to focus on. Whats the frame work. Afterward what is the techniques that to be used to manage those change management projects programs and business improvement opportunities..
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as there are virtually only budget insufficient to cover the entire range of projects available, prioritization depends primarily on the strategic business plan and secondly on the conditions prevailing in the project. in other words you have to give precedence to the projects more "effective" toward business strategies, but if one of them undergoes critical boundary conditions, you have to be able and have the will to change the prioritization previously defined

Hi Nawaf

I fully agree with Fosco, prioritising against business strategy is key. It is also worth considering the benefits that each will deliver. Maintaining momentum through transformations is very important. Its important you build quick wins into your planning so stakeholders can maintain belief in your progress. If one of your projects is tied tightly to business strategy and delivers benefits sooner, then it may be worth prioritising this before others that take longer to deliver benefit.

thanks Fosco and Jonathan for your contribution, appreciating your valuable views.

Dear Team here..

It is very interesting question how to prioritize projects.. The criteria can be classified into Political, strategic, person choices, economic. For most organisational projects, economic criteria are preferred to prioritize projects among the same category i.e. when other factors like political, strategic, are of equal weight, the economic criteria like Return on Investment (ROI), Capital needs, payback period, NPV etc are preferred. Hope this will help

Kishan Solanki
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Great question, great answers, all I can add is to recommend securing stakeholder buy-in up front on whatever prioritization approach you take.

Kishan''s response made me think of project selection in a way I hadn''t previously. In my experience, projects are most often selected for strategic or economic reasons, but there are many other factors/sub-factors at play that aren''t always easily compared. In that way I''m starting to see a parallel between project prioritization and source selection. Has anyone heard of a team applying traditional source selection methodologies to project prioritization like weighting criteria and averaging subjective scores?

Hi Jake

I''ve never used a weighting approach like you might in procurement but I suppose you could. I have actually just recommended a weighting approach for my company to help prioritise a portfolio. This however is based on the expected financial and customer impact of each project. It therefore uses financial values or customer volumes rather than a weighting score. I suspect more often than not hard data like this will exist that means a subjective weighting isn''t required.

Not sure if this does or doesn''t help with your question?!

Use these simple criteria to prioritize projects
1 - Dependency (ies) between projects or deliverables
2 - Business strategy (needs, ROI, ...)
3 - Resources availability / Organisational criteria

Best luck!

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