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I am looking for Project Managers who are involved in Hospitality please
I am writing in the hope that you might be aware of some people involved in Project Management and also Hospitality. I have been trying to make connections but I am in Invercargill, and the only connections here are related to the Building and construction industry, especially road making etc. 

I know that there are people of a similar vein to myself and I would like to make connections with them, but as I said I have been having a great deal of difficulty in meeting them 

I would appreciate any pointers or suggestions that you might have. 

Kindest regards

Ashley V King, 

Project Manager / Hospitality Professional

[email protected]

027 250 7130
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wish you best
Hi Ashley,

I used to work in hospitality, and now I'm an IT project manager. Are you primarily looking for people with whom you can discuss your projects or more for a professional network?

I'm curious where a PMP plugs in with hospitality? I could definitely see that being helpful with events, which were managed by sales managers when I was working in the industry.

Also, the hospitality industry is constantly in flux technically, so change management is another area I see.

What sorts of projects do you manage?
Dear Michael,

Thank you for your reply.

I am looking at the two aspects which you have mentioned, Firstly to understand other people’s experience in the world of Hospitality, and also their processes and such that they have gone through or are going through to get the job done. The second is to understand better, how Project management and specifically the change management that you mentioned.
I have been involved in a couple of projects that made me realise that I have been doing project management for a while, but without the certification. The first was a derelict building that I took over in 1988, and turned it into a Bed and breakfast, and Backpackers operation. This, I ran successfully for eight years and then sold the business on.
The second is a project that I have discovered is in Bogor, Jakarta. Here there is a family owned property which has been leased out to a local Hospitality company, sadly the company ran the business in a manner which did not suit the owners.
However they have little experience in running this type of business and trying to make it profitable and therefore its profitability and occupancy is not as good as it needs to be. The other factor is that they are also intending to build a hotel accommodation tower on the property to increase the capacity of the hotel. The latter is where I feel the project management will come it.
I have spent some time in Java, and noticed that there were many hotels that we visited, that needed the hands on approach of an experienced operator. Ie Staff training, health and hygiene, and sales and Marketing. However I see these as a short term contract of perhaps six months, a year or possibly two years. Hence the reason why again, I see this as a Project rather than as a full time position.
Your thoughts ?

Kindest regards

Ashley V King,
Hotel Manager / Project Manager
027 250 7130
Hi Ashley, I guess the first thing you cited is a mixture of construction management, and business management of projects.

I started a business a few years back, and later a gave a presentation to my local PMI chapter about the project of starting a business from scratch. I walked through my thinking and the resources I used to do this (primarily

It sounds like you are exploring the possibility of being a hospitality consultant. Each consulting gig would indeed be a project in that case. You'd want to look at what the goals of your client are. Why do they want a consultant ? What can you provide ? How can you fulfill their needs, and where are you not the right person? Can you refer them to others for those needs? What is the timeline for your services? What can they expect at various points within the project?

Interesting ideas! Let me know how it goes, and if you have further questions, please fire back with them.

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