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What's next: PMI-ACP or PMI-PBA or...?
So now that I have a little more time on my hands (I am looking for new career opportunities), I want to maximize it by obtaining one more certification in addition to my PMP. I am a non-technical PM (with over 8 years of experience in the professional services industry), and any organizational, planning or process improvement activity gets my blood pumping:-) My question is: would Agile be more suitable for an IT professional or is it a fairly universal project management approach? The adaptive style of Agile and its emphasis on change management appeals to me, but being a perpetual learner with a curious analytical mind, I enjoy business analysis as well.

I would love to hear your opinion on what certification would be more applicable in my case, and, of course, more marketable. Thank you in advance for your responses.
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I will write about my personal experience. Each time I choose a certification I made an estimation about future market demands. So, because it is an estimation, an amount of uncertainty is inside an I could be wrong. If you ask me, the future of project mangement is business analysis and agile, but agile is not about software of IT, it is about enterprise wide implementation in order to gain in organizational agility. Unfortunatelly the PMI is not visualizing agile in this way, no matter I have the PMI-ACP certitication.
Sergio, thank you so much for your response. So you recommend PMI-ACP as the next step for me?
As I mentioned take this as my personal estimation so I could be wrong. I recommend PMI-PBA. But take into account that you have to go to certification site and carefull reading and understanding the certification requirements.
Of course. Thank you so much once again, Sergio!
I'm awful glad that developed minds like you all can pretty much appreciate the current direction. A certain young man once criticized me, stating that I had no business in Scrum, since I'm in Construction. That's obviously completely erroneous,since Scrum is a framework and consequently, can be used in any Project or project phase, that it fits into. It's a PM's job to deliver a project the best possible way, using the best framework or methodology, or sometimes, a combination of methodologies available.One has to know a framework or methodology to use it. Toyota has taken the lead in the application of Agile. Manufacturing is manufacturing,whether your product is a software, cars or houses . In a nutshell, get Agile Certified. You could need it.
Both are interesting, I agree with Sergio, who is the market, could be in you immediate region!
I think Agile would be more and more for the organisation, still for project.
Now that Sergio has clarify for me that BA is not limited to IT, I'm considering getting that certification.
Well, as I mentioned I have both and I mentioned my reasons. In my personal work experience I have been involved (and I am still involved) in initiatives regarding both worlds: agile and business analysis. About agile I started working in the software field but after that (from 1995) I have been working on agile applied to the whole organization (is the way agile was born in 1990 as a formal definition). The PMI-ACP is still software oriented no matter the methods you need to learn and understanding to get the certification becomes in the last years to agile solution delivery methods (DSDM and SCRUM for example). About business analysis, while I have the IIBA certification too, I think the PMI is making a great work and in my personal opinion is the role that is growing faster because the business world dynamic. I hope (at this time is what you can see in the PMI products) the PMI will put some clarification about the role with all the products the PMI is delivering at this time. If you ask to me, I would go for PMI-PBA.
2 replies by Alok Priyadarshi and William Washinski II
Apr 02, 2018 5:34 AM
Alok Priyadarshi
Hi, Thanks for your valuable information.
Is it relevant at present based on current progress of PMI & project demand wide ?

Please give your suggestion based on present scenario.
Apr 28, 2020 1:15 PM
William Washinski II
I have considered the IIBA vs. the PMI-PBA. Working in smaller organizations where one wears multiple hats; I really applied more Business Analysis techniques leading up to the Execution of Projects than I realized and have considered moving forward with - how has it helped you?
Marina, based on your experience in the Professional Services industry and your passion toward continuous improvement, I would recommend CI related study/certification: Lean, Six sigma etc. I think that would broaden your career options
Thank you everyone for your responses and advice! After much research and deliberation, and looking at the requirements of the career path I am targeting, I applied and was successfully admitted into a professional MBA program with the University of Texas (I am proud to say that all requirements, i.e. GMAT, TOEFL, etc., were waived for me based on my past GPA and professional experience and performance, YAY:-)) I start next month. It will be tough to balance a full time job (when I land one as I am still looking) and school, but I am up for a challenge, especially when it's so worth it!
We all have our own journey. After I got my PMP, I spent a lot of time helping people with project scheduling. Getting my PMI-SP allowed me to make my expertise more visible.

As I start broadening more and more into risk management, I am working on my PMI-RMP.
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