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Leadership Webinar Apr 2016 - Speak the language of Leadership - Phil Bristol

Here is the official thread for today's amazing webinar - Speak the language of Leadership by Phil Bristol. Webinar starts April 21, 2016 2:00 PM EDT (UTC-4). Looking forward to seeing you all there soon!

Link to webinar:
Link to slides:
Link to the video (mp4):

Synopsis:Leadership is about creating relationships that build trust, clarifying expectations, influencing others, and gaining commitment to produce quality results in a timely manner. In this interactive workshop, learn how to “Speak the Language of Leadership” and create trust- based relationships by using a three-tiered approach to building communication skills and significantly increasing team productivity. At any level, Emotional Intelligence will empower individuals so they can understand how emotions influence their choices.

In this webinar, you will develop specific strategies to enhance your Emotional Quotient and explore how to take your teamwork and communication skills to the next level. Additionally, participants will understand personal communication styles that can enhance performance.

Know your communication style, stay resourceful when under stress, develop communication strategies for challenging people, and use appropriate communication strategies to build and sustain trust-based relationships. Join this webinar to know the answers to these questions:

How do I better communicate with “difficult” people?
How can I increase collaboration and reduce conflict?
How can I deeply reward someone for a job well done?
How can I enhance my leadership effectiveness?

Questions (during webinar) :
Patricio Burbano: please repeat the name of the book
Lisa Cantave: Question: In the "Me" example you provided.. why would a leader want to have meetings individually instead of meeting with all team players when this would be the best approach. What is the benefit here?
William McNamara: QUESTION: Are you assuming an individual raised in a Western culture, given the time of the study?
Elizabeth Maddrey: QUESTION What do the colors bars indicate? That a leader needs that trait? Sau Ying So: why does he keep saying this side Jerome Morales: maybe right side or left side will help :)
Steven Rauch: how dod you know where in the continuum any particular individual might sit Theresa Bucci 2: how do you determine where your team is on that continuum?
Lisa Cantave: Question: Do you think that certain persoality types will be more successful in implementing some of these practices or can ANYONE be just as successful?
Anke Kleine: What do you do when you can't align someone to their strengths?
Chih-Wu Chang: QUESTION: could people have more than one style?
Prashant Shelke: how can one improve his style to align towards a leadership style
Chih-Wu Chang: QUESTION: will the people's style change if under stress or under differen situation?
William McNamara: QUESTION: Would a fully-aware leader actually be choosing their communication style based upon the outcome that leader is intending to produce?
Laurel Phillip: Q. When there's a meeting of behavior styles, which one's create most conflict or conversely work well together. {especially during periods of stress)
Karen Hargis: Is it possible to be an all "D" person, or all "C", etc..person?
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Excellent topic, so I congratulate all the people involved. Regards

How do we recognize a person who soars above all expectations and you work for a company with reward limits i.e. $25.00 USD annually for each person.
2 replies by Michael Geilich and Phil Bristol
Apr 21, 2016 3:07 PM
Michael Geilich
Not all people are driven by financial reward and even people who are driven by money are driven by other things as well. So for starters find out what is important to this person. Money? You can't do much there. Title? Extra time off? Stock options? Saying "thank you"? Recognition at a company event? 3 attaboys? There are zillions of ways to thank people for a job well done.
Apr 21, 2016 3:12 PM
Phil Bristol
This is where Motivators and Driving Forces come to play... Reward a person through one of the top 4 Driving Forces - example... Theoretical (knowledge) Intellectual - give them a book on a topic they like... Social (helping others) offer your time to work with them on a favorite community or non-profit.... The gift in this case is your time and energy helping a cause that is important to them... Could be connecting them with a mentor for a specific reason.

Connecting on a personal level is always more meaningful

Very interested webinar

Hi interested subject

Video shared in webinar and following link posted by Margaret Sampson


Great topic!

Interesting Topic

Great topic

very helpful for teams in the oil and gas industry
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"Try not to have a good time...this is supposed to be educational."

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