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Critical Path Template
Does anyone have a critical path template? Or recommend a site that has a critical path template? Thanks
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Hi Edward - we have many different types of templates right here on - a quick search found this template for you:
Thanks Rebecca. I saw that one however looking for one that I can plot start and end dates for multiple projects on a spreadsheet and it will show the critical path visually. Is there a template like that available? Thank you in advance.
Hmmmm I didn't see that in my search - and if it doesn't exist then we certainly need one!

Can anyone help Edward out? If you have one you are willing to share on the site, you would get full attribution (builds your Influence score!)

Edward, I am not sure what you are looking for. You cannot create a template for critical path. The critical path automatically comes when a network diagram is solved.

Hello Edward,

Praveen is right; i would wonder if you could find such a template or if anyone could provide one.
You need to build a project plan i.e. in MS Project for all of your sub-projects; than put them together to a master project plan and with MS project you could than display and also plot out the one or may be more critical pathes which exist.
But this needs some good MS Project skills or which tool you ever will use for it ...
If a critical path diagram can't automatically be produced, how does Microsoft Project do it? (or any of the other project controls softwares?)
Lots of interesting points made on critical path.

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