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What are examples of Program Management Methodology?
Hello everyone,

I need some people to help identify Program Management Methodology. For example, when we manage a project, we either choose a waterfall or top-down approach, the SCRUM/Agile methods, critical chain project management.

Does anyone know of a specific program management methodology that I can do research on to apply to a new program initiatives?

I have always use the client's way of doing projects, and multiple projects to manage as a programme but now I need to do some proposals and I don't know of a specific name that is mostly associated with Programme Management.
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Agile is not a method or methodology. So, you can apply agile from strategy formulation to strategy implementation. Search for Mr Rick Dove book "Response Ability" and you will learn how to apply agile to program/portfolio management. On the other side, you can search for MoV or MoP method to managment programs/portfolio with other type of approach.
Transition and transformation projects fall under program management. You can do research on such projects as they require organization specific methodology to be applied or invented. Plus it also needs to be aligned with organizational strategy. One such example I can think of is data center management under cloud portfolio which can further be classified under IaaS program management.

When you will start researching on these kind of projects you will see various organizations have various methodologies being applied. which will start from bidding to delivery of the project for their program management.

hope i am helpful to you
Well, Always Project Methodology or Programme Management Methodology depends on what kind of Projects you are about to handle...and are they co-relate with each other or not ?

There are so many methods are available for handling the different type of projects....

** Sequential or you can say traditional methodologies...
- Waterfall
- Critical Chain Method
- Critical Path Method

** PMBOK is also providing methodologies for managing the projects....

** Agile & ** Scrum - Both belong to Agile Family....

** Change Management Methodology
- Event chain
- Extreme project management

Others...PRINCE2 & PRiSM

Now you have to decide which method is much suitable for you....
Dear All, first thank you for the responses, I find it useful.

To Hitesh, So, you also agree that PROJECT management methodology can be applied to managing PROGRAMMES. I agree with you, but by managing them as a part of Programme then the benefits to the organization is more effective. Don't you agree?

Our Japan Chapter's Program and Portfolio management last year leader - Mr. Yoshida, commented the following after studying with a F-IT company.

He said something like:
a) Business Strategy = portfolio = prioritization = Corporation's Strategy + operations/working environment alignment
b) Mid-term planning (includes planning to implementation) = programme = benefits = value
c) Mid-term planning + Adoption of Portfolio Management = projects = 6 months (I think he is referring to the fact that if you adjust mid-term planning with portfolio management then your projects needs to be realign every 6-months.

What is the community's opinion on Mr. Yoshida comment?
What is your comment Hitesh on differentiating Programme Management with regards to common Project Management methodologies.

Regards, Rosalinda
Dear Rosalinda...I am so sorry for very late reply....

Well, we all know very well that Programmes are the combination of related or non-related projects and all are driven by the Organization's strategies & Goals...

I think we can apply the Project Management Methodologies for Programme Management...but still I do think that Programmes Management is different then Managing the Projects...

Projects have some differences like....

- Projects always have the ENDs..while Programmes are continuous journey of process improvement towards the Organization's Goals & Strategy....

- Programme Change Management is very very difficult to compare with Project Change Management because Programmes are driven by Organization's Strategy and one change can highly impact the whole organization....

- As Programmes are driven by Organization's strategy - the Programme Manager is responsible for delivering of quarterly results...but Project Manager is not responsible for this type of results of the Organization.....

Foram - kindly comment on this...
First you need to understand the difference between portfolio, program and projects in order to understand the methodologies.

Portfolio management allows organizations to define how they will pursue their strategic goals through programs and projects so it optimizes the pursuit of BUSINESS VALUE.

Program Management seeks to optimize the management of related components projects and sub programs to improve the generation of BUSINESS VALUE.

Where as Project management enables organizations to more efficiently and effectively generate OUTPUTS and OUTCOMES as they deliver new products, services, or a result that help generating BUSINESS VALUE

So Projects generate OUTPUT / OUTCOMEs in form of (products, services or results) which generate business VALUES (i.e BENEFITS) to the organizations, to achieve their Strategic OBJECTIVES (Portfolio management).

Now to manage projects PM manage triple constraint (TIME, COST, SCOPE) and management is comparatively easy where as in Programs there is high uncertainty, complexity and Ambiguity as Strategy to achieve benefits may change and evolve. This Adaption may stop projects and new projects can be initiated.
It has 5 domains that RUNS parallel to achieve the benefits.
Program Strategy Alignment.
Program Benefit Management
Program Stakeholder Engagement
Program Governance, and
Program Life cycle (consist of three overlapping phases
Program Definition phase, Program Delivery phase and Program Closure phase).
Program management is very interesting and challenging field. I have 24 yrs exp and a certified PgMP.

Thank you
Dear Rosalinda
Interesting your question
Thanks for sharing

PMI has a publication that addresses the theme of Program Management

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