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scheduling without dates
Interesting take on scheduling courtesy of BCG.
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Very Interesting Article - Thanks for sharing Roger.
Absolutely agree!
Thanks for sharing. It is a very interesting article. However, frankly speaking, I am not able to differentiate this approach from the traditional method.

This article is good because it makes me revisit current approach and reinforce my understanding on the importance of realistic plans, of iterative and interactive approach of relevant processes, of effective stakeholders engagements from initiating to closing the project and of timely revisions with proper balancing all constraints, which PMBOK introduces in its full context from cover to cover.

In many large projects, there might be reasons to be failed and what I know is that failures might result from the poor management of uncertainties and from unrealistic schedule and cost expectations due to tough competitions and common causes of mistakes or errors by the management and the team but not due to methodologies how to schedule.

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