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MS Project Exam 74-343

I am user of MS Project at a user level; not proficient., not a beginner. I am considering taking the exam 74-343 to certify the domain in this tool.

I'd like to hear the thoughts of MS Project certified individuals: best materials to prep the test? Test difficulty? Overall experience?
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Great Question! I hope to take the Microsoft test next year as well so I hope you get a lot of good feedback ;)

I thought about it a few years ago but decided not to pursue it in favour of the PMI-SP.

I'm not sure I would even consider it again.

I took both - the client and the server version. Be careful as this exam is based on the 2013 version and 2016 is the current.

The question is: What are you trying to achieve with this certification? If you aim at understanding the product better, using it wiser, and knowing "all" the wrinkles - then go for it, but notice the tool focus here.

If it's your PM skills you want to enhance you'd rather consider studying PM related contents and get certified as a PgMP, ACP, or whatever suits best.

Thank you for your reactions.

@ Christina: I am more interested in the first option, mastering the tool and hence earning the official MS certification. I have learned it by using it and also by reading a couple manuals and internet tutorials. Do you know of any mock-up exam to assess my REAL level of proficiency before I attempt the exam? Thanks!

Eduard, actually not. I did not take a course or searched for sample exams - I worked with the Ultimate Study Guide and the material provided by Microsoft. I know there are some other possibilities out there, but we at ITaCS consider proper studying and practicing the only way for us to master tools, methodologies, and so on.

All the best for you!

Prep Materials

1. Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2013

2. Ultimate Study Guide: Foundations Microsoft Project 2013 - It covers the entire syllabus for 74-343. You can download the exercises, and practice.

3. Microsoft Project 2013 - The Missing Manual - Good for reference.

4. Subscribe to (10 Days Trial), and search video on Project 2013

5. Subscribe to (10 Days Trial), and search for books on Project 2013

6. Check the course at Udemy

Test Difficulty

Exam has 54 questions that need to be completed in 2 hours, and are mainly multiple choice, few match the following - drag & drop, few case studies, and problem solving type.

Thanks Anupam and Christina for the valuable information! I have found a mock up test online and feel confident to taking the test in the near future.
1 reply by Anupam Ganguly
Aug 17, 2016 10:25 AM
Anupam Ganguly
All the best!!

Aug 17, 2016 8:06 AM
Replying to Eduard Hernandez
Thanks Anupam and Christina for the valuable information! I have found a mock up test online and feel confident to taking the test in the near future.
All the best!!


I found this thread while searching for ways to prepare for the MS Project certification exam.

On top of Lynda/LinkedIn, there is a Microsoft Project series on Amazon Prime Video, and for that you will need to have a subscription or use the current/available free trial of Amazon Prime.

Please find link
1 reply by Eduard Hernandez
Nov 27, 2017 10:55 AM
Eduard Hernandez
Thank you!
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