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How does the concept of Operations Management fits in Project Management?

Remember that operations management concept is the management of systems or processes that create goods and/or provide services...

Relate the concept to project management...
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Remember that operations management concept is the management of systems or processes that create goods and/or provide services...

They are like relay team members. They have to be able to pass the baton between each other as necessary.

I like the relay simile. Projects often result in systems that require maintenance. Systems that require maintenance often require projects. SAP addresses this with their ASAP (Accelerated SAP) and Run SAP methodologies.

Wow, you're probably crucified by now by the PMI: operations as a project..:-) . Yet, your question makes a lot of sense, much more than you may expect. Because I have seen folks defining operations as a couple of people working issues. Well, it is a bit more than that, ITIL has 5 full books written about it, so there is something to consider here. Running operations by itself is an ongoing activity, but building it up and the Continuous Improvement Programs are to be treated as a project. You need to define Scope SLA, Define Communications, Manage Stakeholders. And careful there, define clearly,Operations. is it maintenance, managed services, SaaS?

DevOps is what works on this concept of project - operations management.
operations also require managing risks/schedule/finances/communication/resources/etc. Project management skills will come into play here.

Operation management is about maintaining the products or services life-cycle until the function of the product or services is no longer required by the operating organization. As project management is about delivering the product or services, at some point during the project life cycle, the product or services need to be handed over to the operation team. Typically involve ensuring the product or services meets the requirements of operation team and this is where the overlap of project and operation management happens.
A Project has a start/end date. O&M is an ongoing process. Like a project team goals and objectives aligned with the organization's mission need to be spelled out and then executed. The key to this is Priorities. Like a military plan of the day, the O&M team prioritizes its daily work around new issues that have impact on end users (fires) and ongoing daily checks and maintenance. O&M is not a bunch of mini projects. Acting like it is will drive your O&M team to frustration.

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