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"Knowing your SpPonsor" - Questions about "Quality and Scope"

i am referring to the already existing discussion here:

I have to ask a bunch of questions and to have more transparency and a better overview for your participation i will divide them in several postings.

What is this about?
In short: It is about what questions to ask your sponsor as a project manger in your very first meeting to set a baseline during initiation phase.

In long: please refer to the before mentioned thread fur detailed information.

Here are the questions about "Quality and Scope":


Quality and Scope

"If we had it in place right now (the process, the system, the product, the new service) ...

... what do you want it to do?

... what do you perceive the main functions and features to be?

Is it:
... Stopgap: Do it once and if we replace it, will we start all over from scratch?
... to be upgraded and improved over time?

... what functions/features must be included?

... what are your thoughts on its physical appearance?

Who will be the business analyst responsible for documenting the business requirements in detail?

What is deliberately out of scope and why?

Is there anything you do not want the product/service to do?


Please review them and leave your comment, correction, enhancement or addition. Any feedback is highly welcome!

And please lookout for the other sections also; thank you very much in advance.

Every participant will receive the result of this initiative if wanted.


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influence on the outcome
1 reply by Markus Kopko, PMP
Nov 22, 2016 5:38 AM
Markus Kopko, PMP
Hello Anupam,

what do you mean by that? What would the question be to satisfy this aspect?


Nov 21, 2016 10:04 PM
Replying to Anupam
influence on the outcome
Hello Anupam,

what do you mean by that? What would the question be to satisfy this aspect?


Hello all,

you can access an interactive online version of the “Knowing your Sponsor” (version 1.0) map here:

Please use this version for review.

If you want to use the map and/or work with it, then please download it from here:

You will receive a ZIP/RAR File which not only contain the mindmap as a .mmap and a PDF version (.mmap is the original MindManager file format but could be opened by XMInd too for instance!) but also the content in various other formats (like the popular MS Office formats for instance).

For downloading the map/files you need to be logged in at

If you have any feedback/critic/additions to the map/its content please let a comment as the website or write a posting here.

Thanks a lot!

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