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What Value Improvement Practices (VIPs) that take the extra step to improve the likelihood of success of a project?

Technology Selection
Classes of Plant Quality
Process Simplification
Waste Minimization
Constructability Reviews
Customization of Standards and Specifications
Design to Capacity
Process Reliability Modeling
Energy Optimization Modeling
Value Engineering
Life Cycle Engineering/Information Management (3D CAD)
Predictive Maintenance
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Totally agree.

But, there are others like: Change Management, Lessons Learned, Team Alignment and PDRi that work along with above depicted close the span for a best success.

Additional to above comment: Promoting team building before starting a project is a way to integrate a successful teamwork and consequently a successful project.

I assume for your project a structured project framework and proper understanding of the project management processes is in place. You asks for tips on extra steps to focus improvement on the increase the likelihood of project success. Without being exclusive, my key candidates are:
- Stakeholder Management and Communication
- Visual Project Management
- Apply lean and agile practises to the extend feasible to the project (for example work with short iterations and strive for early visiblity of results, Servant Leadership, etc.)
- Risk and Conflict Management

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