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Is Agile suitable for any project where functionality can be incrementally delivered?

Most people know Agile is ideal for software development projects, since software functionality can be released in increments. Agile can also be applied to some construction projects such as road building, since a long stretch of road can be delivered in small, usable section. Agile can even be applied to a cooking project such as catering a large function, since most meals are served in courses.
Can you think of other types of projects where the Agile framework could be successfully used?
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Why not apply Agile to all type of construction? In some case deliver section or floor of a large construction.
What is the delivered part is can not be use? It would be deliver, so that both client and project team can concentrate on an other part.
Obviously delivery cycle won't be short like the software industry.

What about applying Agile practices in day to day personal life, making sprints for your kids curriculum based studies, sprint planning, doing daily scrum, dummy tests, retrospectives...building a kid is a lifelong project....:)

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