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2017 March Book Club - How to Manage Complex Programs by Tom Kendrick, PMP

Welcome to the March Book Club! We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the webinar, you posting questions for the author, and comments on the book. And remember the closing webinar will be held in May, questions will be collected through THIS book club discussion thread! SO don't forget to register!! - You never know your question might be picked!
Be sure to stay tuned for more to come!!

Tara A. McCallum - PMI Book Club Host and Moderator
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Register where?

George - You'll want to register for the closing book club webinar for the March book club once it is open - the rest of the book club information will be posted via the Critical Path blog and on the books page later this morning (Eastern time).

I am very interested in the program management. Actually, i am project manager of one of many projects of a hugh program. There are many interdependencies, many departments involved and many people with different skills, we are 600! We have many problems because the planning was made without consulting us and the program manager doesn't hear us, he only wants to hear good news, but nothing about risks or problems. And the team members are not motivated at all. ¿How could i apply the lesons learned in this book to my "little" part of the program? Thank you!

Hello Everyone!

It's almost time for our closing webinar! This is the official post to solicit your questions for the author. What questions would you like to have answered?

Please just let us know by posting questions into this discussion thread.

PMI Book Club Host and Moderator

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