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Does anyone know of any scenarios for Project Management training?

I would like to find a set of products that I could use to walk my students through a project from start to finish. I want to give them a scenario that they could base their work off of. I want to also include simulated communications from team members and stakeholders, performance reports, expenditures, and really anything to add some realism to their class. Any suggestion?
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The scenario I often use to teach project management is planning a wedding. Almost everyone understands what this entails (as opposed to a construction scenario), and you can easily make the wedding scenario as simple or complicated as you want. Weddings can invole considerable expenditure, numerous stakeholders whose various needs must be met, high communication requirements, and many risks, as well as the opportunity for interesting unknown unknowns to suddenly appear.

Like Eric scenario, you can add new elements has the project progress from week to weeks.

Opening a new Pub, developing a game are also good examples . Case in point, Planning a Wedding , Developing a game , opening a new pub are all examples from Head First PMP book :)

I like the idea of the wedding scenario however the Iron Triangle of cost schedule and quality is difficult to apply because the schedule is fixed, the quality is paramount so the cost is the variable that suffers. My experience of using scenarios is to find an industry case study - in my case the Edinburgh Scotland tram project and use that to base a number of 'point in time' role play's - one at project sanction and one at project recovery when things went wrong. The role plays used an industry tool - in my case a Measures for Assurance tool kit - and we recreated a workshop situation for the students to role play project manager, sponsor , technical manager and observer

Understand your students will be key for your course success. For example, I did training in a Business University in France, they I looked for examples or names of the companies that were well known for them.

Another example when you are training IT people, then using scenarios that involve some IT stuff is key.

For my Project Management capstone, we were given three projects to choose from. One was to develop a FEMA plan for a coastal city, another was expand a business internationally, and, honestly, I forgot the third. Midway through the project, the professor provided a "crisis scenario" that we had to adjust the project accordingly. It was challenging.

I've used building a website. Surprisingly, almost every person relates, even if not an IT person. It also allows, for scenarios with sponsors, to "change requirements" etc.

I agree with Eric. Wedding example is simple and everyone can understand and appreciate. Role based training will make the training even more effective.

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