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Do PDUs roll over to next certification cycle?
I have to renew my credential by September, I have already completed 60 PDUs and recently did a course whcih grants 14 PDUs. If I claim them now, will this excess PDUs roll over to the next 3 year cycle?

Thank you in advance.
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Yes, as per my understanding, you can carry over up to 20 PDU's. The system will carry over automatically. Or, you could also cycle early, then apply them directly to your new cycle.
Thanks Eduard for the question and Thanks Andrew for the answer.
This is an addition to my knowledge.

As far as I am aware as well, in the last year of your cycle, you can claim up to w0 PDU's that will be carried over to your next certification cycle. It is written in the CCRS guidelines somehwere.
Yes I can confirm that at least 11 points do roll over.
My cycle ended May 25 and I had 71 PDUs.
I got my renewal approval and my digital certificate last week once I had reached 60.
The 11 further PDUs were approved, but were not applied to my dashboard.
Today, now that my new cycle has begun, the system applied those 11 PDUs and it tells me I have a further 49 to get before May 2020.

According to a blog by Demetrius WIlliams you can only carry over 20 PDUs and these must be earned in the last 18 months of your cycle. Check out his blog on the link below:

Finally, the new "Talent Triangle" will be applied to your points from December 2017 so be sure to check that out also, you have to be aware of what area the points are given for (Technical, Leadership, or Strategic and Business) as you need a minimum of 8 in each of the areas.

I hope this helps.
^ To clarify, the PDU"s must be with the last 12-months of your certification cycle. From the CCRS Handbook - p14

Direct quote form the handbook below: (p14)

Other PDU Policies
? Activities you completed before you earn a PMI certification are not eligible as PDUs.
Further, you cannot claim participation in the same course or activity more than once.
? If you earn more than the required PDUs in your CCR cycle, you may apply a portion of
the PDUs to your next cycle. Only PDUs earned in the final year (12 months) of your
certification cycle can be applied to a future cycle.

People could help you a lot here. But my recomendation is reaching PMIĀ“s customer care to take the answer.
The Answer from Andre and Rami sum it up, PDUs earn in the last year can be rool over to the next cycle maximum of 20 PDUs.
I have done it in my last cycles.
To be clear, my response is a direct quote out of the CCRS Handbook. But contacting PMI directly can never hurt.
Thank you everyone for the feedback, greatly appreciated it!
Good information on the rolling PDUs. I have just renewed my PMP and now its until 2025 (from originally 2022) - so any PDUs I have now cannot be used, until 2021-2022 timeframe.

In any case - it will still be learning :)
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