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Hello! Am a Project Management student and we used PMBOK as our PM bible in class. Aside from it, can you suggest other good books that will help me learn more about project management. Thanks and God Bless!
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Dear Anonymous, I like Kerzner's project management text, the thick and heavy one, as a PM reference book to learn more about the general principles of project management. The "Project Management for Dummies" book is also good and much easier to read. If you are serious about PM, I would recommend reading at least one PM book a week. There are lots to choose from in both your local book stores and via the web. Cheers. -- Mark Perry, VP of Customer Care, BOT International
Thanks Mark! I'll try to find those books, hopefully they are available in our local bookstores :)
Dear AM Salvador, no problem. If you can't find Eric's book in your local bookstore, you can buy it online from a number of websites. It costs $59.95. Good luck. -- Mark Perry, VP of Customer Care, BOT International
I am looking for latest version of PMBOK, can anyone can assist where to get it?
Sure, the PMBOK is available directly from PMI (

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