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Setting Up A Project Management Office (PMO) For An IT Consulting Firm

Hello everyone,

My name is Tom Mauser, and I am a PMP-certified project manager in the IT industry, specializing in Business Intelligence (BI).

I have been tasked with setting up a one-person Project Management Office (PMO) for my employer, an IT consulting firm.

I have never set up a PMO before, and would greatly appreciate any guidance, or knowledge-sharing, that would assist me in successfully setting up, and running, such a PMO.

Thanks in advance for your assistance - greatly appreciated!
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There is a lot of material and templates on the net however it doesn't talk about interpersonal skills needed. I have found that the main problem is that the PMO is usually seen as a "policing" or audit function. You have to sell the benefits to the PMs so that they work with you. Drop me a line on or on LinkedIn Vik Subramaniam if you just want to shoot the breeze on this topic :)

Setting up a PMO- in simpler terms like setting up a team of PM's that can do the work for you. If a large program or portfolio, break them down into work streams and organize PM's in a fashion that is mutually beneficial. Also set up a PM process- in guidelines with PMBOK, don't have to be the same, something iterative, can be flexible and yet works well.

Look up some of Mark Price Perry's work on this, it's very good. It is on this site & elsewhere too.

I was the leader to do that in one of the top ten software/IT firms in the world time ago. My duty was to be part of the global PMO setup and being the leader of the Latin America PMO setup. First thing is to understand why the firm need the PMO. The why is about to understand how the PMO will support the strategy. Second, search into the PMI site for all related to PMO by the book. There are a lot of information and mainly group of interest that will help you a lot.

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