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PMP Exam Simulator - PMP Questions

How can a simulator help in passing the real PMP exam?
Should we have to go to the simulator to get a good preparation for the PMP?
How to choose which simulator will be best or Will it be ok?
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I used PM Fasttrack from RMC. Although it was not identical to the actual test but it helps me have an idea how the test will look like.

Hi Sanjay, simulator exams does help you prepare for the main one, not a must though. There are few free online exams too if you can search, i remember using PMStudy free online exam few years back.Good Luck !

I used the same one as Hatem's. Well, frankly speaking it does help a lot as you will get a sense of what to expect, the format, the length of the questions and so on.

I used PMStudy and PM Fasttrack. I believe they were very helpful in terms of knowing how to pace yourself for the real exam. Also, I agree with points made my Rami and Hatem.

PM Study has really good questions..

Hi Sanjay,

I didn't used any simulator I just used H. Moura book as a support. It also included several simulated questions.
Nevertheless If you have the chance, I think you should try to use a simulator. I believe it can be helpful for you to understand the kind of questions that will be expecting you when you take the exam.

Be ready for some hard study and luck for the exam.

I have an encounter with Prepcast PMP exam simulator, I think is a wonderful preparatory tool when combined with PMBOK for PMP exam.

Generally any standard PM simulator exam is highly beneficial, it helps you gauge you current situation and rectify your mistakes. I had seen the standard number as 3 tests that most people do. Always, refer and re-read the concepts for the areas that you may feel weak after the simulated test.

Hi Sanjay,

I think you should have a look to the following online mock test
(in my opinion they are quite familiar to the really PMP Exam)

Good luck for your PMP Exam!

My company, Medhira Enterprises, used all of PMI's considerations and added some more to create mock exams for PMP and CAPM exams. Further, we also provide detailed analysis of the results to guide the exam takers of their strengths and weaknesses. To aid the exam candidates, we also provide process group based tests. Do visit for details.
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