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Practice Areas: Change Management, Organizational Project Management ode to project failure.

Projects fail, it's a fact of life. Despite the best efforts of Professional Bodies to convince the corporate world of the merits of Project Management projects continue to fail. Have success rates improved given the advent of the profession? The jury is still out at best. Despite this organisations are still dismissive, corners are still cut and projects, well they continue to fail. The advent of new thinking, particularly agile project management further confuses, is documentation important, or is it unnecessary? Do teams need management or are they self organising? Is Change Management the role of a Project Manager, or that of a Change Manager, is there a difference really? no really? why? The world of Project Management is confusing, Project Managers are confused. And what role do Professional Bodies play, to what end are they about doing the rights things or just doing things right. Do more established professions suffer these same issues, or are they perhaps growing pains, for that matter is Project Management a profession at all? anyone can do it, right? And yet projects continue to fail.....
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Yes, if they fail with planning imagine without it. Failing makes part of life. Continuous improving till you make it. Along the way we learn form mistakes and hopefully avoid or managing them. That's the motivational side of PM learn it till you make it along the way work hard and learn from your peers.

I agree that projects fail, some spectacularly, but what is more important concerning any given failed project is that the project team that was involved in the failed project perform an after action / lessons learned session to review what went right, and more importantly, what went wrong, and learn from the mistakes that were made.

As in life, you are doomed to repeat your mistakes until you learn why you repeatedly make these mistakes, and then you will move forward in your life. In the case of a failed project, a project manager who has learned from his or her mistakes will be a better project manager going forward.

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