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Topics: Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
Inputs to Create WBS
Requirements Documentation is included in the Inputs for Create WBS (PMBok pg 126). In Define Scope, it's again included as an input (PMBok pg 120). The major output of Define Scope is the Project Scope Statement. Since both Requirements Documentation and Project Scope Statement are used as inputs to Create WBS, it follows that there's something specific about the Requirements Documentation, not found in the Project Scope Statement, that mandates the Requirements Documentation to show up as an input.

Why isn't the data "distilled" into the Project Scope Statement enough so that it can be used alone as input to the Create WBS ?
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The answer you are searching for is inside the PMBOK itself. See page 123 for project scope statement components.About requirements, product requirements (characteristics or features related to product/service/result) is needed to create project requirements (the work needed to create that product/service/result and no other). Both are not inside the project scope statement. In practice, it will depends on your document format.
Thanks, Sergio. I'm also reading Rita's ExamPrep in parallel, and at page 173 there's "The project scope statement may include: Product scope, Project scope, [...]". At page 161, "Product scope is another way to say 'requirements that relate to the product of the project.'". Further down on the same page, "The project scope is the work the project will do to deliver the product of the project; it enncompasses the product scope.". So if I understand correctly both project statement and the requirements documentation contain 'requirements'. It's just that probably in one they're slightly different than in the other.

I think I'm missing something obvious here.

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